Event conditions

These terms and conditions (the “event terms and conditions”) regulate attendance at and participation in events published on GastgeberVZ, including parties, promotional events and competitions.

The terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “GastgeberVZ” used in these event conditions refer to GastgeberVZ. The term “hostVZ event” refers to an event, meeting, advertising event, competition, meeting or similar organized by GastgeberVZ. “Non-GastgeberVZ event” means an event, meeting, advertising event, competition, meeting or similar that was not organized by GastgeberVZ, but is displayed on GastgeberVZ.

To participate or be present at a host VZ event, you must first accept these event conditions. If, after reading these event terms and conditions, you are of the opinion that you cannot or will not agree to the terms and conditions stated herein, please decline participation in or attendance at a GastgeberVZ event. If you accept the invitation to participate or be present at any GastgeberVZ or non-GastgeberVZ event on GastgbeberVZ (e.g. by clicking on “I’m there!”, “RSVP” or a letter from an organizer), you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted these event terms and conditions.



Our foreign language skills are not perfect. For this reason, the German version of these event terms and conditions, which we had translated into other languages for you, takes precedence in the event of contradictions between the different versions. The same applies to contradictions between these event conditions and the Terms of Use . In this case the event conditions take precedence.


You affirm that you (a) are at least 21 years of age (or the age of majority in your jurisdiction); (b) are entitled and authorized to accept these event conditions and (c) these event conditions as well as the GastgeberVZ Terms of Use and Content guidelines have read and understood.


GastgeberVZ and its sponsors and providers sometimes take photos and videos at GastgeberVZ events and use them later for advertising purposes. By attending and being present at any GastgeberVZ events, you agree that you could appear on some of these photos and videos and that you authorize the use of the photos and videos for the purposes mentioned. Conversely, if you take photos or videos of participants in GastgeberVZ events and make them available to us, you give us permission to use the photos and videos in the same way and confirm that the participants in the photos and Videos have consented to this use.

We do not control the non-GastgeberVZ events or the people who organize them. It is possible that the organizers of or participants in non-GastgeberVZ events take photos or videos in which you may appear and then publish them online. If you accept the invitation on the HostVZ website to a non-GastgeberVZ event, you authorize GastgeberVZ to use this media for advertising purposes.


(a) Risk assumption . Despite our efforts to create a safe environment during GastgeberVZ events, accidents or other negative events sometimes occur. Even innocent people are not exempt from this. We ask for your help in keeping the risk of injury at GastgeberVZ events as low as possible.

You agree to consider all risks associated with an activity in which you voluntarily participate and to take appropriate safety precautions before deciding whether to attend or attend a GastgeberVZ event. For example, you should make sure that you are physically fit before participating in a physically demanding activity at a GastgeberVZ event. In addition, you should drink alcohol in moderation to avoid the risks of drink driving and the dangers of poor judgment while participating in activities. You should always bear in mind that other participants in GastgeberVZ events may not be as responsible as you and that their actions, even if in good faith, may pose an additional risk for you.

In conclusion, you declare that your participation in and presence at GastgeberVZ events is voluntary, you also agree to take responsibility for any injuries, as far as legally permissible.

You also agree that GastgeberVZ is not responsible for any injuries or accidents you suffer during non-GastgeberVZ events published on the GastgeberVZ website.

(b) Indemnification . You hereby consent (on your behalf, on behalf of your heirs, personal representatives or legal successors and any other person who may assert claims on your behalf), GastgeberVZ and its respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, executives, directors, partners, To release and indemnify shareholders, members, agents, employees, providers, sponsors and volunteers from paying any claims (including court costs and reasonable attorney fees) in connection with or as a result of your participation in hosted or non-hosted events, unless it is a case of gross negligence or intent on our part.

(c) Indemnification . You further agree to hold GastgeberVZ and its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliated companies, executives, directors, employees, agents and intermediaries harmless from costs, claims and legal fees or claims of third parties in connection with or as a result of your attendance or presence arise at GastgeberVZ or non-GastgeberVZ events.


Although we hope that this will not happen, HostVZ can prohibit your participation in HostVZ events at any time and without prior notice or assumption of liability, should you follow these event conditions or the Terms of Use not comply or for other reasons, at the sole discretion of hostVZ. In the event of termination by you or us, Sections 1 and 3-9 of these event terms and conditions remain valid and effective.


These event conditions are subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. This also applies to any claims, lawsuits or disputes that may arise between you and GastgeberVZ (a “lawsuit”), regardless of the conflict of laws provisions. YOU AGREE THAT ANY CLAIM SUBMITTED BY ANY PARTY IS SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION AND JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS IN GERMANY.


You agree that you will not pretend to be an employee, agent or representative of GastgeberVZ (unless you are actually employed by GastgeberVZ. In this case, these event terms and conditions govern your participation in any GastgeberVZ event, provided that the terms do not conflict with the standard employment contracts or guidelines from GastgeberVZ). We reserve the right to cancel a GastgeberVZ event at any time and without giving reasons and assuming liability. Should GastgeberVZ fail to exercise or enforce a right or a provision of the event conditions, this is not to be understood as a waiver of these rights or provisions. Should a provision of these event conditions be considered unenforceable or ineffective, this provision will only be changed or restricted to the minimum necessary so that the remaining event conditions remain unaffected and fully effective.


Sometimes the members of our team and the GastgeberVZ community organize their own meetings and events (these are sometimes called “Unofficial GastgeberVZ events”). Although representatives of GastgeberVZ sometimes take part in these events, unofficial GastgeberVZ events are non-hostVZ events and are not sponsored or supported by GastgeberVZ, even if they are announced on GastgeberVZ. If you are organizing an unofficial GastgeberVZ event, you agree that you (a) announce it as such and (b) will not give the impression that the event is sponsored or supported by GastgeberVZ. All conditions that apply to non-GastgeberVZ events also apply to unofficial ones GastgeberVZ events.



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